Video Book Trailers

with a difference!

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Videos sell!


Our readers are visual creatures, that's why video marketing is sweeping the web. But videos have to have the Wow Factor to benefit you.

Trailers don't have to be long and expensive, but they do need to look professional.

The same image can have a completely different feel because

of the music.


Want a Flash Vid to attract attention when you post it on Social media?


Choose one of these fast and furious Flash Vids, which last approximately 10 seconds. These can all be tailored to suit your book with a choice of 4 different types of music. A Stinger's purpose is to attract interest quickly. Any message you want to include is usually added in the comments box, although I have included the addition of a text line as part of the price.





Shattered Combo

(ask the price to do this)

Smoke 4

All Flash Vids: $20

Box Text


Smoke 1

Jumping Box

Want something a little longer that creates a mood?


The trick is to use text as little as possible and let the visual and sound convey most of the message. You need to capture the viewer and make them go, 'Wow, I want to know more!'


Video cost is determined by length and whether you require voice overs. Below are examples with and without voice overs. You can provide your own music. (Make sure you have permission to use it. Breaking copyright is not on.) Or I will provide it at no additional cost.


Up to 30 secs: $59 Up to 60 secs: $99 Up to 90 secs: $149 Up to 120 secs: $179


Each 50 words of voice over is an additional $5.

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