* You will notice that coaching is built into all the packages. I was a business coach for some years and I know that sometimes it's good to have someone to help you lazer focus on important aspects of this journey and to help you define your brand, understand your target audience and adjust your promotional and marketing campaigns to that readership. This is not mentoring. I am not an expert in this field, but I do know how to ask the right questions and how to strategize. The coaching is done via email and will involve maybe an hour of work. (The value listed beside the coaching is what I was paid to do this kind of coaching.)


* Inclusion in Flashpoint Finds (FF) future books requires a suitable group of writers in your genre to get on board. This might take a while, but your place is reserved and so even if it's a year down the track, you will still get free inclusion in your genre's book. Please consult the FF page to learn more about this unique and perennial form of marketing.


The reason the editing is listed as a discounted bonus is because the costs will depend on the length of the book.


* Trailer Cache is a Blog that features high quality Video Book Trailers. Not everyone likes trailers, so this is the place to be seen by people who do like them and use them to make their book buying decisions.


* The Reviews will be honest ones, but you can be assured that they will be 3 star and above, simply because of our initial criteria for selection. And because you aren't paying for these reivews and they are honest, Amazon can't take them away from you (or sue me).


* The costing on videos does not include voice overs. They cost an additional $5 for ever 50 words.


* Assistance setting up your website in the Gold Package will be using as your site provider. It is a very cheap and yet user friendly platform. It costs about $15 for a domain and hosting for a year, and the second year isn't much more. Use my link to get a $7.50 bonus.


Free Initial Consultation and Evaluation. Belisama Press is not a publishing house. You retain all rights to your work and income from it. But because of our policy of only assisting quality works, I will need to assess your book before we offer you one of our packages. If I believe it isn't suitable for us, I will explain why. If that sounds daunting, but you like what we do, take a deep breath and submit your book anyway. It doesn't cost you anything and you might be pleasurably surprised.



Everyone's Needs Are Different

Choose the Package that

works for you


We live at an exciting turning point in history. New technology allows all of us to belong to a global village and makes possible the worldwide distribution of our creations. As an author, this means that there is the potential to have every literate person in the world reading your words. And words can change the world.


For that reason, we believe in improving the Indie marketplace, not helping to propagate more inferior products. You are free to buy most individual items at full price on this site, but if you want to qualify for a discount package, your book must be a quality piece of work. And although there are many well written pieces of erotica and horror, our policy is to promote books that our team feels comfortable working on. Tasteful, steamy fiction with the occasional bloody battle or character-appropriate swearing, yes; a lot of gratuitous graphic sex, bad language or violence, no. And our services cannot be used to promote books that advocate anti-social and/or illegal activities. We believe that if words can change the world, then those words need to promote the best in humanity, not the worst.


The two words you hear a lot about these days is Branding and Platform. The three packages below, with the possible inclusion of the discounted editing, provides a range of services that fit different writer needs and helps them create a clearer brand and platform for themselves as authors. (Get my free ebook to learn more about these important words).


The Bronze pack is for those who already have a published book and cover and are looking to improve their promotional outcomes.


The Silver Package is for those who want a cover, some editing help and more promotional tools, but they can do most things like social media and publishing themselves.


The Gold is the Works, for the person who is just setting out. They've written their book but self-publishing and promotion is either too time-consuming or just too confusing and daunting to deal with alone. That's okay, we've all been there on both counts. It's a steep learning curve, and 'They' keep moving the goal posts, which makes that curve get even steeper.


Explanations for the stars are listed below the lists.