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“I was fortunate enough to have an excerpt included in the first round of the 'Flashpoint Finds' read and play project. Nhys Glover has been an absolute joy to deal with throughout the entire process. She is consistently professional and reliable. Nhys also brings an enthusiasm to her work that is contagious. I highly recommend working with her.”





Ann Omasta


* What if you could have a permanent and perennial way to market your books.


* What if your book could stand out from the hundreds of thousands of novels being published every year.


* What if readers were encouraged to not only read a good sample of your book, but your blurb and profile as well, and you had the opportunity to engage with those readers.


* What if you could combine your mailing list with 11 other top authors to encourage more participation.


* What if you got new reviewers and additions to your mailing list every month from this one submission.


Flashpoint Finds is a revolutionary way for readers to discover new books they'll love. We've already published the first ebook for the Romance genre, and are champing at the bit to start the next.

But each book requires 12 authors in a genre. Inclusion in the ebook for your genre will cost you $120 or guarantee your free place in the genre specific ebook of your choice by signing up for a Package

Want to know more? Watch the two videos below. The first is for all genres, the second was made for Finder of Lost Love, the first in the series.