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I want to preface this section by saying these services are likely to be different to others available elsewhere, not only in price, but in the way they're done. The reason for that is simple. I'm a control freak and have had some unpleasant surprises when I handed over my precious babies to other professionals, who then provided me with their proofed manuscript. Trusting their judgement, I uploaded their corrected document to KDP and discovered later that there were a lot of changes I didn't like.


No matter how competent, proof readers don't always know enough about your material to make important decisions about it. You might use slang the proof reader doesn't understand, or the stylistic devices you employ might seem like bad grammar to them. Left to their own devices, they could remove or change words or punctuation, which completely alters your message.


My team keeps you in the driver's seat. They go painstakingly through your book, highlighting text, suggesting corrections, and giving reasons for them, where necessary. Your job is to go back through your manuscript and make the changes you feel are needed, based on their suggestions. Yes, it is time consuming to have to go through all the corrections yourself, but you can then feel assured that what the reader gets is all your work. Your polished work. If you don't like a suggestion, you don't have to take it.


One thing my editing team does well is motivation. They know how self-doubting most of us authors are, and they make a point of telling us what they partcularly like about a scene, or what appeals to them about a character . It is a nice feeling to see the positives, as well as necessary negative feedback, throughout your manuscript.


It is said that, to make sure you get every error, you should have two editors working on your book. One will 'see' things the other doesn't. Paying two people to do the same job might seem like overkill, and you don't have to do it that way, but it is effective, especially when the price is right.


This is the full process and it works really well. You get the second draft of your novel done, making sure it's as good as you can make it. You then send it to our betareader/critiquer, who quickly provides an overview report, telling you what she loves and what she doesn't, suggesting changes where needed. Maybe rearranging the order of the chapters might build the tension better, or maybe adding more explanation for a character's behaviour might help the reader empathise more fully with his plight. You then go through those suggestions and make changes you consider valid.


Once that's done you send it back to her, so she can run through it again more closely, picking up grammatical errors, spelling and such. At the same time, you can put our proof reader to work. Her job is to really focus in on spelling, grammar and sentence structure.


Having perfected this process with my team over many of books, I can safely say it still amazes me how one sees things the other doesn't, and how they both see more than I did when I sent my 'perfect' manuscript to them!


Both editors are offering their services here. And depending on your budget and your needs, you can employ one or both.


Betareading/editing services are just $25 per 10,000 words. So, for an average length novel of 60k words, it would cost you $150. Put another way that's 0.0025 c per word.


Proof-reading services are $20 per 10,000 words. That is $120 for a 60k novel. Or 0.002 c per word.


Take advantage of both services, as I do, and you've got a really polished piece of work for far less than you'd pay for one service elsewhere. Look around and see for yourself.


If you choose one of our Packages you can get these service even cheaper, with the 25% discount. What does that look like? The full editing service for that 60k novel would cost you only $205 instead of $270. That's a $65 saving!