People do judge a book by its cover.


Call it superficial, but the fact is you have maybe 3 seconds before a prospective reader moves on from your book. So you have to give them all the info they need in that short space of time to make the decision to look closer. The cover has to be professional, striking, and immediately recognisable as fitting its genre.

As most of us are concrete thinkers, seeing a mock up of a book makes it 'real', not just a digital knockoff. 3D images are very useful for advertising, in trailers, and on banners.

Want me to turn your ebook cover into a 3D image in a variety of sizes? Click on the slide show above and see which covers suit your purposes. Choose 2 and I'll do the second one for half price.

Want a REALLY cheap 2D cover? Choose one of the selection below and I will customise it with your name and book title, AND I'll give you the mock up for free! Although the pictures I use are stock images, the way they are presented IS totally unique. And once a ready-made is sold, it will never be sold again.


Want a cover designed for you?


Depending on your requirments, these can cost between $60 - $100. Email your requirements HERE and I'll give you a quote.



Want a package that includes any of the above?

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