I'm Nhys Glover

And my passions are writing and design



Jim Croce sang...

There never seems to be enough time...

to do the things that you want to do,

once you find them.

So I've learned to focus on a few things at one time in my life and move onto others later. I have been and done a lot that way - teacher, mother, wife, manager, counsellor, coach, spiritual seeker, cancer survivor, author and graphic designer to name a few.


For the last five years I've been focused wholly on writing and marketing my books. When I stopped to draw breath, about a year ago, I was somewhat amazed to discover that I had published over 2 million words. I'd also become an award-winning and Amazon best selling author. So when I set about creating this site I did it from the perpective of an Indie Published author who has been around long enough to have tried just about everything in the marketing and promotion fields and has an idea what works and what doesn't for authors like me.


I'm a maverick, so being an Indie suits me. The first thing I did when I set about publishing my own books was to get a cover designer. That was back in the days when self-published authors had very different cover design to those used by mainstream. If you've been around long enough, you might remember those horrendous covers that screamed 'I'm a Wannabe!'

That was what my graphic designer wanted for me and she proudly showed me books she'd designed for others. I was out of my area of expertise and told myself I should go with the professional. I didn't. I went home and designed a cover that looked much more like the ones mainstream publishers were using. I didn't get it quite right because the image I used made it look like a biography. It was the first of many lessons I learned along the way.


Once the Indie Revolution took off I was in my element, writing the books I always loved, books that didn't fit into a defined genre. I had some simple DTP software, (I tried to learn Photoshop and Corel but didn't have the patience), and made some covers. Then I got self-conscious about them and went to a professional again. I liked what she produced, but it wasn't quite right, and by book three in my New Atlantis series I was fiddling with her designs, trying to get them the way I wanted them. I was learning on the job, and gathering useful info here and there to help me achieve my goals. When I look back at some of my early covers I'm horrified.


Somewhere in there I started making trailers for my books, because that's what I was hearing I needed. But I couldn't afford the kind of money being asked by the professionals, so I made do with whatever I could cobble together with digital photo album software.


Earlier this year I came to a decision. I was being buried in the avalanche of new boks hitting the market. If I wanted to survive as a writer I needed a way to get the attention of heavily bombarded readers. After all, I was one of those readers, and I knew how hard I found it fossicking for gold the mountain of dross.


I created Flashpoint Finds and started buying up a lot of amazing Indie software to achieve my goals. The first book was launched at the beginning of October 2015.


Then I set my sights on a more generalised method of assisting novelists stand out from the crowd. I had become good at video making, thanks to great software, and everyone who is anyone believes video marketing is the way of the future. So this site came into being with the clear imperative of providing inexpensive visual tools to help authors find their audiences.