Visual Promotion for authors on a budget


In a highly competitive market

Image is everything!


If you've found your way to this site then you are an author. You aren't necessarily a copywriter, internet marketer, videographer or graphic designer. You may either be putting your toe into, or have been swimming for some time in this pond called Publishing. You may have realised fairly quickly that it wasn't all about great stories or good writing. It's about this complicated and frustrating process of finding readers and convincing them in mere seconds that your book, ahead of the millions of others out there, is worth reading.


The psychological and physiological studies of the brain have thrown up some very interesting facts that make sense out of our decision-making processes. Who hasn't found themselves impulse buying and later crying, 'What was I thinking?' Well, its simple, you weren't thinking with your rational mind, you were reacting in fairly typical ways to the stimulus you were subjected to.

Instead of having your non-rational motivators used against you, you can choose the promotional tools on this site that will wisely tap into those human drives for an important outcome: Bringing readers to your book!


If you are an author who is finding it harder and harder to attract new readers because of shifts and changes that are out of your control, then instead of using your habitual coping mechanisms – like writing more and more to feed your current readers hunger, as Amazon or other distributors take more and more of your earnings. Let me help you find the readers your book was written for.


If you want to understand how to use the promotional tools on this site, download the ebook below. You don't have to give me your email addy. I'm not trying to find a way to sell to you later. I'm giving you valuable information that I want you to read away from the distraction of the internet. I want to connect directly to your rational mind, so you can make informed choices, without the more primitive levels of your brain distracting you. I want you to learn how to use my tools and services to get what you want.




So download the ebook now. Sit quietly with it and let your New Brain, the part that separates us from other mammals and the reptiles, take the driver's seat for a while.


If you already know how to use this promo material to advantage, then watch the videos below and then click on one of the links on the bottom of the page and start checking out the best tools for your purpose.